Yoga in the vineyard

Everyday 12:30 Pm to 12:00 am
Anemi Hotel-

Psyche in sync with the frequency of Folegandros

Yoga in Folegandros is a sacred ritual for those who value spiritual paths in life. ANEMI offers exclusive yoga classes for all skill levels in a charming yoga studio in Folegandros, nestled among the vines of our luxury hotel. Our master instructor Zoja was motivated by the ambiance of the island to combine her skills as a dancer, choreographer, yoga and pilates instructor, and meditator in order to design a holistic class in which participants undergo profound inner therapy and feel transformed after receiving healing treatments. Together in Folegandros, we create a yoga family dedicated to promoting physical and mental health while nurturing one another’s souls.

Thai massage and Reiki

An overall body healing and mental calm

Thai massage and Reiki are an ideal complement due to their shared objective of liberating the body from energy blockages. Thai massage employs pressure and stretching techniques, while Reiki utilizes a high vibration of healing energy. Mood and physical well-being were both improved for people after receiving Thai Reiki.
Anemi Hotel-Thai massage and Reiki
Anemi Hotel-Thai massage and Reiki

Sound Healing & Meditation

Soothing and life changing therapies

A sound bath is an intentional rest practice through deep listening that bathes the whole body in waves of vibration. Participants rest on supportive pillows and are guided through gentle breathwork+relaxation followed by a sound bath meditation with instruments such as crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, are weaved together to create an intuitive soundscape with the intention of encouraging therapeutic responses in the listener's body. This is a one hour experience.
Anemi Hotel-Sound Healing & Meditation
Anemi Hotel-Sound Healing & Meditation

The Practice Retreat

Take this week to reconnect, feel joy & heal

June 12-19th 2024

After years of crafting a unique yoga and movement practice on Folegandros, Zoja introduces you to an immersive journey that transcends physical, social, and contemplative realms. Nestled amidst the raw beauty of the island—its rock, sea, sun, and wind—this retreat is a celebration of healing, movement, and the discovery of your authentic self. Awaken to the embrace of a morning yoga practice, a flow class rooted in grounding and strength. As the sun sets, lose yourself in a freestyle dance, discovering joy and emotional connection through movement. In THE PRACTICE ©, participants are gently pushed to their limits in a mindful way, fostering mental and physical fatigue. Hikes to sacred beaches demand presence, silence, and connection to nature—creating moments to be exactly where you are. For more information and reserving your spot, contact us at
Anemi Hotel-The Practice Retreat
Anemi Hotel-The Practice Retreat

After Yoga you can relax at

Anemi Hotel-Andelea Spa

Andelea Spa