Andelea Spa

Everyday 10:00 to 20:00
Anemi Hotel-

Find peace and quiet at a unique spa in Folegandros

ANDELEA spa, the inaugural spa establishment on the island, cordially welcomes hotel & non-hotel guests who are seeking an authentic spa experience. Spaces designed to enhance the spa journey, from the reception area to the steam bath room and treatment rooms.

Wellness practices

Discover our time-honored wellness practices, seasonal rituals, and traditional remedies. Try the luxury skin care line Ariadne, which is a Greek-born concept of high-end skin care products that embraces a more refined approach to beauty science.
Anemi Hotel-Wellness practices
Anemi Hotel-Wellness practices

Reawakening your body & mind

We encourage a healthy daily routine by providing a variety of self-care practices. Facial and body treatments as well as other holistic rejuvenation approaches can reawaken and activate the body, while nail grooming is a special gift for your personal care.
Anemi Hotel-Reawakening your body & mind

Mother Nature

Getting a massage in Folegandros is like bringing your body into harmony with Mother Nature. Treatments tailored to the needs of men and women by our expert staff are a great way to unwind and tune into the island's relaxing vibration.
Anemi Hotel-Mother Nature
Anemi Hotel-Mother Nature

Discover Our treatments

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