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Folegandros island,
Cyclades, 84011, Greece
Τ: +30 22860 41610


Yoga in the vineyard

We are proud to present the first official yoga studio in Folegandros. It comes with all the good things, mats, props,protection against the Cycladic wind and warm sun.


This is an all-level yoga class taught at the yoga studio by the vines of Anemi hotel. Our instructor creates a yoga class that is specifically catered to the magic of Folegandros. A hatha yoga class that focuses on breathing, presence, listening, and meditation.

Private classes along with private group classes are available upon request.

Anemi's yoga studio is more than just a yoga studio with classes, it is a wellnes center. It's aim is to have a completely holistic approach to self care.


Thai Massage & Reiki 

A full body treatment for all. Thai Massage is an energizing massage that works on circulation, eliminating toxins,awakening meridian lines, lengthening the body, softening muscles, calming the nervous system, and all around relaxation.


Thai Yoga Massage sessions Summer 2022 (1/07 - 14/07 & 25/07 - 31/08)


One hour of relaxation in combination of stretching, acupressure, and massage. Christina has been practicing Thai yoga massage for over 15 years. It’s a perfect treatment, if you have been on a long boat ride, or flight. It unblocks stiff areas, and facilitates circulation. It improves sleep, and lifts your spirits. It is a full body treatment, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. Rejuvenating and Grounding all at once. 


Reiki + healing touch sessions Summer 2022 (20/5-22/6)


This one hour healing treatment by Zoja consists of a combination of techniques and intuition skills. She uses the thai choreography on the legs and hips, to open the meridian lines and stimulate circulation, she uses reiki to feel where you are energetically blocked. Through healing touch and energy work she opens the block/blockages, to create a flow of energy, breath, and blood through the heart chakra. She also uses rejuvance technique (face and head massage), to create the ultimate relaxing effect that makes one appear re-freshed as if they’ve had the most restful sleep. This treatment stabilizes and calms the nervous system, creates circulation, opens blocked energy, connects you to your body, mind, and soul. This is a deep healing treatment. And is considered as a therapy and not a massage.


Book your appointments at the front desk.

Athens Folegandros Santorini 4hrs by high speed boat 40min by helicopter 2hrs by plane & boat via Santorini 40min by helicopter

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